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[DM] Circle O - Kotangens - 03-13-2021

A Circle like a Circle O
Big map on big plans!
Has waypoints
EDIT: The game with waypoints crashes on autobuilds, but if you still want waypoints, DIY (Do It Yourself)
EDIT2: There're waypoints, you need to test: https://anonfiles.com/VcR3T116u5/circle_waypoints_pk3 (If the test's result will be OK, then this pack will be merged to the map)
No Mega healths/armors and big armors/health, but a lot of mini pickups
Secrets: 2 (a secret weapon; secret health packs. Who will find it then post here, where you found and how you found)
Weapons: crylink, machinegun, mortar, vortex, devastator.
DOWLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4dtqj71fonj5um/circle.pk3?dl=0

RE: [DM] Circle O - terencehill - 03-13-2021

I quickly created waypoints for your map in Xonotic git and they work just fine, I don't get any crash.
How old is your autobuild version?
Can you paste the error you get with your waypoints?
Can you share the waypoints that make the game crash so I can test them?

RE: [DM] Circle O - Kotangens - 03-14-2021

I make a lot of waypoints (3000) and game just crashes
I tried to make 500, now all work
Waypoints were created in 0.8.2. version, in any autobuilds it crashes, but not in 0.8.2

RE: [DM] Circle O - _para - 03-14-2021

Oh damn! No, waypoints should be placed more sparingly. The purpose of bots are to give the players a fun experience, they dont need the potential to get into every corner.
Just create them at doors, crossroads towards items or to avoid abysses... to get them around corners. And then maybe some to shorten their way between waypoints.

Maybe take a look in xonotic standard maps and see how they're placed. Also they show you how they link.

RE: [DM] Circle O - terencehill - 03-14-2021

Even 500 are TOO many.

Have a look at the optimizing-waypoints section of the waypoints creation guide of our wiki.

RE: [DM] Circle O - Kotangens - 06-18-2021

The map updated: Improved the design + added light + a new second secret + new weapon: machinegun.
I hope you'll like the update!