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[DM/TDM/CA] Stone Sea - _para - 03-17-2021

Hi! Winsalot and I are happy to introduce you to:

[Image: hpLn8Ol.png]

The map consists of many intricate paths and enough room for some trickjumps using blaster,crylink or devastator.
It has a 2vs2 footprint but is also big enough for even more.
It's 2 teleporters and 3 jumppads will keep you going endlessly.
Supporting DM, TDM, CA, LMS, FT.
220 armor and 260 health as well as all main weapons can be found.

Download Stone Sea

[Image: oPwnGtP.jpg] [Image: naedXDW.jpg]
[Image: Q6pMVQq.jpg] [Image: UnSoXr2.jpg]
[Image: uehzgMO.jpg]

RE: [DM/TDM/CA] Stone Sea - Winsalot - 03-18-2021

Very nice map