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[DM] Kota Diablo - Kotangens - 03-21-2021

The design is similar to Diablo's design
Diablo: Go read this!
Has fire, that heals health to 115  Exclamation
Exclamation There are also special first aids that heal to about 120-150 and there are syringers that heal health to 170 Exclamation
Has 3 stands of weapons (and other places): Machinegun(lost + inbase), Electro(found in water), Devastator(for 120 xoncoins + in the castle), HLAC(for 55 xoncoins + near a tree), Fireball (for 15000 xoncoins, can't be bought)
Xoncoins is a Xonotic value, which don't need to find.
Has many armors, Has special first aids.
OLD:It looks better than my first maps
MODERN:It looks much better than the old good Kota-diablo(compare screenshots yourself), has sun light.
Has waypoints
OLD:Thanks to SirRanjid's advices for design.   Smile
Quote:evit wrote:
    Looks awesome! Any plans for a CTF version?
Now it supports CTF, but the map isn't recommended for CTF.
DOWNLOAD: Kota-diablo
Video: look below
[Image: 6d03cd9358229a668e493627ab21803b.jpg]
[Image: 08124a03c285098e1df12323a586c9ef.jpg]
[Image: 1c56903095684c2810a4b526151eae0a.jpg]
[Image: 75fc0fccc0cb8c0961d5d6a1d8d9b264.png][Image: 2d28ac1d96fee3bcfd759449b2f00707.png][Image: 729fb2a25f8273092b23bbdcfdafce44.png][Image: 5bc168f54d92aea9495b4bc23acc4aa8.png][Image: 94eed78f82eb80e9c1085ee5323e6f10.png][Image: a75dbd3eb9e930557dbac07a7808546a.png][Image: accf2c79da44560695c8bea5e68860d2.png]
[Image: 90e11e072427d9ed0ddfcc4c71465430.jpg]
Old screenshots: (for comparing)
[Image: e332533cb0eec5e5d206e96393d7909f.jpg]

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - AriosJentu - 03-22-2021

Looks quite simple, small, but there is a lot of sharp corners, maybe better to add more smoothness. And for buildings make them more stable in construction with adding to them some towers on corner sides, like on example here.

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - Kotangens - 03-24-2021

The link was updated: added waypoints to zip
I just forget to put them, now they're avaliable

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - evit - 03-31-2021

Looks awesome! Any plans for a CTF version?

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - Kotangens - 06-30-2022

(03-31-2021, 08:31 AM)evit Wrote: Looks awesome! Any plans for a CTF version?

Now the map supports CTF, enjoy!  Big Grin
And thanks for the suggestion

By the way, I updated the map, there was improved (a lot) design and light and the map is bigger now thanks to electro's new place

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - Kotangens - 07-20-2022

Thanks to the admin from "Archlinux club" for adding my map!
Here's a video:

If you need this version, download the map below

RE: [DM] Kota Diablo - Kotangens - 08-18-2022

UPDATE: fixed all rocks, now you walk by default, remade light, so it looks a bit darker, added more places for the weapons, fixed all trees, fixed fire.
enjoy new update

P.S. : Thanks to Julius for the dropbox's trick and thanks AriosJentu for the idea about small screenshots.