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XonStat 2.0 is now live - Antibody - 03-23-2021

XonStat 2.0 is now live!

Keen observers may have noticed that the stats website looks a little different lately. That's because the second iteration of XonStat is now up and running on stats.xonotic.org! This version was written from the ground up to solve many of the pain points of the previous version. There's lot of new stuff happening under the hood, but here are some of the high points compared to what we had previously:

* Code is in Go (statically typed, compiled) instead of Python (duck-typed, interpreted).
* Standard library (net/http) HTTP server instead of WSGI via Gunicorn.
* API documentation instead of...a forum post? Smile
* Redis shared cache instead of per-process, in-memory Beaker cache.
* Foundation 6 instead of Foundation 4 for the CSS framework.
* Chart.js (canvas) instead of NVD3.js (SVG) for charting/visualization.
* Weng-Lin instead of Elo for skill calculations.
* Rate limiting (none previously).
* Tracking of spectators/forfeits (none previously).

You can follow development progress on Gitlab. Feel free to create issues for any bugs you might find (and yes, there *will* be bugs).

Thank you all for supporting me during this transition! Special thanks go to divVerent, Mr. Bougo, bones_was_here, malice, and t0uYK8Ne for their suggestions and encouragement.