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FPS Stuck at 60? - Eile - 04-02-2021

Hi. I'm using a 144hz monitor on Manjaro Linux playing the GLX version of Xonotic and my FPS never goes above 60. I have the meter in the bottom right, the max fps set to unlimited, cl_fpsmax = 0, not sure what is wrong here. Any help would be appreciated!

GTX 1070
i7 6700k 4.5 Ghz
32 GB DDR4 2666 MHZ Ram

RE: FPS Stuck at 60? - Eile - 04-02-2021

Nevermind, just solved itself somehow after I set my viewmodel to be left aligned. Solved!

RE: FPS Stuck at 60? - morosophos - 04-13-2021

60 fps cap is usually due to enabled vertical video synchronization. Set vid_vsync 0 to disable it.