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[CTS] Kotangens' map packs - Kotangens - 05-03-2021

Maps: 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
           = 20 + 4
Every 5 new maps the map pack will update
These maps are only for Race(CTS, or DeFrag)
All maps called kota-race<index>, where <index> --- index
Expect for: Trident_ctf, RROM, skytower, tempullit. --> these maps maybe not very good for cts but maybe good for other game types.
Maps might be hard, might be easy
DOWLOAD PACKS: Part1,Part2,Part3,Part4
I hope you'll like it!
Screenshots: https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=8546&pid=88117#pid88117

RE: [CTS] Kotangens' map pack - _para - 05-04-2021

Maps 1+2 are too short and too confusing.
3 is a little small and i cant enter the vehicles.
4 Is trippy i like it somehow. Could be content for the torturemap server hehe. But while the map looks like a cross you managed to make it go straight with warpzones. You might as well have made a straight map^^ (but else would give credit to winsalot for the first part of the map)
5 could be good. It has an interesting layout and size but the checkpoints where you have to decide left/right should be way earlier so you see the next checkpoint before each fork. Also I'd like to see some obstacles there. Like one way where you got to strafe left/right around obstacles, another has a ramp, holes etc etc. There could be different challenges around each corner.
But else you got some interesting stuff there.

RE: [CTS] Kotangens' map pack - Sire-Lionheart - 05-05-2021

Nice work you've done there.
I would say that the maps are a bit confusing at first, but when you understood them they're cool & fun to play.
Also every map has it's own style. (I hope you can keep that up.)
Enjoy mapping!

RE: [CTS] Kotangens' map pack - Kotangens - 11-05-2021

Screenshots: (Dowload levelshots for a server)
[Image: a377effa4acf837957b75e5addab4d34.jpg]
[Image: 6dcb7efdaa61e60e93babd03b29d9e99.jpg]
[Image: 191f1ccc72bd282d3fa944f23990bb5f.jpg]
[Image: 3571d7523533c7beb3fcb94e71724119.jpg]
[Image: 146b9ee45f7b4ca82f1ab0983e9e6946.jpg]
[Image: 00ef7632d20cf19bbe376c246a5f935e.jpg]
[Image: 192b42f41a1508976e1fbd832a230e4f.jpg]
[Image: 1d0921db12c9f6c9fc6a2c41f8ca3c2f.jpg]
[Image: e54dd7ccd8cd8a4ef3467e4d1b3405cb.jpg]
[Image: edaddeabbcd73a925a7de916120b68e3.jpg]
[Image: 01771a400edd7bc0d71d17251fe97b0a.jpg]
[Image: d4fb6dab07f87904c70ca121a0ee812d.jpg]
[Image: ea72f7428df7e48b77e3b63bde977334.jpg]

[Image: f03b0f6e0fe2234a8f8af2d57995c38a.jpg]
Kota-race16:[Image: b1cf7169ac4e08adca518bb8d13c2459.jpg]
Kota-race17:[Image: f978636903d5717379ecc3c9e1e7416d.jpg]
Kota-race18:[Image: e3525f8db8cc9b3d47fc62039f88148b.jpg]
Kota-race19:[Image: a8504fe0253d44170bdf9f5228027105.jpg]
Kota-race20:[Image: c20e99a38856a22f6816fecba061174b.jpg]

RE: [CTS] Kotangens' map pack - Kotangens - 07-07-2022

The part3 will include kota-race1-10's pictures and will include kota-race11-15's pictures as well.
Enjoy more cool maps.

RE: [CTS] Kotangens' map packs - Kotangens - 12-29-2022

There's finally released part4!!!
Enjoy it, but I think the maps are worse, than maps from Part3... but who knows