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netradiant on mac osx with xonotic tut - tangerian - 08-28-2010

ok, so for all of you mac users out there haveing a real hard time getting the new netradiant to work, here is a little tuitorial on how to do a gorilla weld on the Nexuiz version to add the Xonotic game stuff:

1) open a new finder window

2) search for xonotic.game by using the search bar at the top, NOT by using spotlight

3) find your netradiant.app IN A NEW FINDER WINDOW

4) right-click (control-click) on it and click show package contents

5) open the folder and then open the folder named MacOS

6) drag the FOLDER called xonotic.game from the first window into the install folder of the second window

7) open said install folder and drag the FILE called xonotic.game into the folder called game

8) almost there, now, you search in finder textures and there will be a folder that when you select it, it will have a root folder of xonotic, and if you open it, will have a bunch of folders and few files in it, select all of the folders and control-c them

9) now open the xonotic.game folder and open the default shaders list and controle-v then save it

10) go back to the textures folder and copy-paste it into the data folder in the main xonotic directory

11) now when you open netradiant, pick the xonotic game setting, and the engine source is /Users/<blah>/xonotic

12) and you are done!!!

i hope this help all of you mapers

RE: netradiant on mac osx with xonotic tut - tangerian - 08-28-2010

ok, true step one: type defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES into terminal and hit enter

RE: netradiant on mac osx with xonotic tut - nowego4 - 08-30-2010

Actually, after you hit enter you have to open the force quit window (command + option + escape), select finder and hit 'relaunch'. To re-hide the files, replace 'YES' (or 'true') with 'false' and restart finder.

Here's a link that explains hiding/showing files: