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New xonotic theme: luma orange - Kotangens - 11-07-2021

DOWNLOAD: https://anonfiles.com/t8n912T4u6/luma_orange_pk3
                     another link if the link above isn't working
The authors: sev (as general author, he made luma), Kotangens (I just changed all the images)
If there is something that looks not ok, write the problem here and send a screenshot of the problem
[Image: xonotic20211107200931_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
[Image: xonotic20211107201143_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
[Image: 61725xonotic20211107201156_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
[Image: xonotic20211107201225_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
[Image: xonotic20211107201234_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
[Image: xonotic20211107201833_00_240.jpg][Image: i.gif]
The problem is: the version (0.8.2autobuild) may not be as same as yours (e.g. git, 0.8.2 )