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[CTF,ONS,RC] RemixROM - Kotangens - 12-31-2021

Someone really enjoyed ROM and made me to remix it, so, it will be called RROM (RemixROM)
Almost all weapons.
Secrets: 2 (secret tuba, secret shockwave and ammo)
Not as bright as the original, but It doesn't hurt your eyes as much as the original (maybe doesn't hurt anymore)
DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2finslcob78y0l/r_rom_a3.pk3?dl=0
[Image: 10640xonotic20220108115554_00_800.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220108115609_00_800.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220108115618_00_800.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220108115655_00_800.jpg][Image: rrom_800.jpg]

RE: [CTF,ONS,RC] RemixROM - Kotangens - 01-04-2022

Update: ALPHA 2 (Added shockwave to the secret, improved jumpads, light and central zone is improved a little)

RE: [CTF,ONS,RC] RemixROM - Kotangens - 01-08-2022

Update: ALPHA 3 (Added another secret: Shockwave, ammo and a hook; improved jumpads; added lights to all spawnpoints, to the places where Seeker, Rifle, Vortex are; some little improvements of design)
Thanks to LegendGuard and SirRanjid for their feedback!!!

RE: [CTF,ONS,RC] RemixROM - Kotangens - 01-09-2022

SirRanjid took my map and edited it for his server (Jeff's vehicle warfare) (I didn't enjoy his edition, mine is better)
NOTE: This version of RROM isn't official(thus, not mine) and won't be supported.
Maybe you'll enjoy this version instead of mine... Sad
download and screenshots (by SirRanjid):

RE: [CTF,ONS,RC] RemixROM - Kotangens - 01-16-2022

Repost of the message above, because people who will test original RROM, can also test RROM V without any problems (expect for they have the pk3 with the same name, if you have it, redownload it EDIT: the name was renamed to download the same file)