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The what-s and why-s of my Xonotic config - Antibody - 01-19-2022

Since I was asked on matrix to share, here's an annotated version of some key elements from my config. I've tried to focus on the things that would cause others to scratch their heads (perhaps), but ultimately I think all of these settings are pretty pedestrian.
// I'll not paste the entirety of my keyboard config, but here are some of the
// more interesting binds. I use ESDF for movement and everything is centered
// around quick access from there.
bind a "weaplast"
bind MOUSE2 "+jump"
bind MOUSE3 "+fire2"
bind SPACE "+zoom"

// Reasonably wide field of view. 120 looks weird to me and I had to dial it back a bit.
"fov" "110"

// Big fan of megaerebus
"_cl_playermodel" "models/player/megaerebus.iqm"

// The music in Xonotic is great, but I don't need to hear it in day to
// day matches.
"bgmvolume" "0"

// Stats tracking and display. Usually on, but lately turned off because I'm
// not focused on improvement right now. I created stats to help players improve
// by making things visible.
seta "cl_allow_uid2name" "0"
seta "cl_allow_uidtracking" "0"

// Players should be intentional with their weaponry, and shouldn't auto-swap
// weapons simply because they stumbled across one on the ground.
seta "cl_autoswitch" "0"

// Visual bob annoys me, but this really doesn't matter anyway, as you'll see later.
"cl_bobmodel" "0"

// Consistency in identifying targets helps me, so I force others to utilize
// the models and colors I have chosen.
seta "cl_forceplayercolors" "1"
seta "cl_forceplayermodels" "1"

// Gibbing is just noise to me. I'd rather see sprinkles or puffs of smoke.
seta "cl_gentle_gibs" "2"

// If the gun is visible, I want it in the middle of the screen.
seta "cl_gunalign" "1"

// More particle - AKA noise - reduction.
// Note: I used to use cl_particles_quake but turned that off some years
// back for reasons unknown.
"cl_particles_alpha" "0.2"
"cl_particles_blood" "0"
"cl_particles_quality" "1"
"cl_particles_smoke" "0"
"cl_particles_smoke_alpha" "0.75"
"cl_particles_sparks" "0"

// The design of simple items is *chef's kiss*.
seta "cl_simple_items" "1"

// I prefer a single dot for my crosshair, and for the various rings around it
to be as unobtrusive as possible.
"crosshair" "32"
"crosshair_size" "0.5"
seta "crosshair_alpha" "0.9"
seta "crosshair_dot" "1"
seta "crosshair_dot_size" "1.1"
seta "crosshair_per_weapon" "0"
seta "crosshair_ring_alpha" "0.1"
seta "crosshair_ring_reload_size" "1"
seta "crosshair_ring_size" "0.75"

// More simplification around textures, whilst still keeping things recognizable.
"gl_picmip" "-2"
"gl_picmip_world" "1337"

// Remove the autobuild's watermark.
seta "menu_watermark" ""

// No blood on the HUD when taking damage, and no unnecessary shaking.
seta "hud_damage" "0"
seta "hud_dynamic_shake" "0"

// Keep the timer panel somewhat near my crosshair for easy glancing, and make
// it count up and not down. My brain does addition faster for timing megas.
seta "hud_panel_timer_increment" "1"
seta "hud_panel_timer_pos" "0.605000 0.230000"
seta "hud_panel_timer_size" "0.100000 0.085000"

// Skyboxes are pretty, but I'd rather see my opponents easier.
"r_sky" "0"

// With my HUD and crosshair setup I don't need to see the weapon model at all.
"r_drawviewmodel" "0"

RE: The what-s and why-s of my Xonotic config - MusicGoat - 01-20-2022


RE: The what-s and why-s of my Xonotic config - lakrass - 01-20-2022

(01-20-2022, 08:13 AM)MusicGoat Wrote: hax


RE: The what-s and why-s of my Xonotic config - [CISN] Neigdoig - 03-14-2023

I have saved this partial CFG file for reference. I tried the methods you use, and it made me better in some manner at the standard DM. Instagib was also made better for me, since I hadn't realized I was keeping myself held back (and Instagib is my signature mode of play).