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[DM] Tatami Gash - 1st Beta - Rush - 01-30-2022

Tatami Gash
I've been meaning take a shot at using brush-based mapping tools for a while now. Since me and my friends have been playing Xonotic as of late i figured it'd be a good opportunity to give it a try. To ease some of the labor I've decided to remake an existing deathmatch map. The map i chose is MAP10 from Rott!Zone by RottKing, a Doom II deathmatch WAD. Those familiar with Guilty Gear will be able to appreciate the references.

The map contains all core weapons, bot waypoints, fully custom textures and music. The only supported mode is dm and it's derivatives. Though the map is nearly fully complete, i decided to release it as a beta first just so i can get some feedback on it before fully releasing it.

Downloads: See attachments or go here.
Repo: Here, i don't own the textures or the music but the map files are licensed under GPL-3.0.
[Image: bNCeK3w.jpeg]
[Image: pmMNRDG.jpeg]
[Image: bZm2vrO.jpeg]
More screenshots

RE: [DM] Tatami Gash - 1st Beta - PenguinMafia - 05-09-2022

Yes, I like this map