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[MAP] Holyderilict - _para - 05-12-2022

Holyderilict is a combination of Derilict and Holyspace. It was planned to remake evilfarewell so i remade the source maps first and put them together.

This map is pretty fun! You got the openness of Holyspace(evilspace) and can drop
down into the more narrow winding space of Derilict(farewell remake).
It combines two different experiences pretty neatly into some nice varied gameplay.

Please give me feedback!

Download Holyderilict

[Image: UlYwogj.png]

[Image: UWCxXpP.png]

[Image: uUos4G4.png]

The original Evilfarewell:
[Image: xDxKIjA.png]

Curtesy of Jeff to release it here since I made it for him. Play it with us on Jeff's and Julius Resurrection Server!

Music included: Ove - Earth Is All We Have (CC-BY 3.0)