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[DM, CTF] Triangle [2D] - Kotangens - 05-21-2022

My first 2D map (thanks to drummyfish for a 2D suggestion Idea )
triangle_2d <--- download
Angry Bots work bad in this map  (don't know how to improve)
weapons:  Machinegun, Mortar, Crylink, Vortex, Hagar, Fireball (secret).
Gametypes: Deathmatch(recommended), Capture the Flag(NOT recommended), Last Man Standing, Team deathmatch, Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, Keepaway, Key Hunt.
Strength: 1
Health and armor: a few
Secrets: 2
[Image: f1840fea5bf4714f5f85b1e544a837a8.jpg]
[Image: 28c319881777d48185d86a8c0a8e3aad.jpg]
[Image: e34067feaf26044e76ea2e58eaad72d7.jpg]
[Image: f155f58a9913045b31a2ceef7e7ae384.jpg]

RE: [DM, CTF] Triangle [2D] - Kotangens - 05-21-2022

By the way, the suggestion by drummyfish is 1-2 years old and I finished this map only today(21.05.2022)

RE: [DM, CTF] Triangle [2D] - BuddyFriendGuy - 07-21-2022

Very creative! I like it!