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[DUEL] X Air walker - Kotangens - 08-09-2022

Authors: Smilecythe (he started this map + he's very good), me(Kotangens, finished this).
What did Smilecythe made: layot, design, pickups, light. And what did I do: reskined the map (expect for some places, that made by Smilecythe), added 2 secrets,named this map ,more light and more design.
Long story short: it's a remake of the legendary air walk.
Pickups: 1 mega armor, 1 big armor, 2 5*5 small armors. 1 megahealth, 6 medium healths, 10 small healths. 1 strength
Weapons: machinegun, mortar, electro, vortex, devastator, arc.
Secrets: secret monologue, secret weapon (arc, can't be picked up)
DOWNLOAD: xairwalker, r1
[Image: 8ca22caf463231e328579ff54f2e74ff.jpg]
[Image: a35427c3b5411da6e349469454a73524.jpg]
[Image: 3ca979c402588803589fd9c0f168ece3.jpg]
[Image: df6563c4a08fccb16d54ad20689b617e.jpg]
[Image: ac460cbbc8ad2467780f2e7b07ba47b7.jpg]

RE: [DUEL] X Air walker - Kotangens - 08-09-2022

RJZ edition (version):
now there's no bullet ammo and machinegun but there's arc
the secret where the arc you can't pick up is not a secret anymore, but there's tuba now, but you can't pick up it.
Made for Ch4mp.

RE: [DUEL] X Air walker - MusicGoat - 08-10-2022

needs more xonotic logos and no monologue

RE: [DUEL] X Air walker - Kotangens - 08-10-2022

AriosJentu really enjoyed the map and decided to make some changes in my map: he made some replacements of some pickups, so, his version has some other tactics.

RE: [DUEL] X Air walker - AriosJentu - 08-10-2022

This version (AJ-version) has some different gaming experience. From this time there is no 5-shards, it's replaced with one single small armor, and repeats some places from original version of hubaeroq3. Electro replaced with machinegun, machinegun at the bottom replaced with crylink. And bottom devastator replaced with hagar, just for different experience. I was add some new ammo pickups for bullets and cells.