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[DM] Morpheus - xord86_64 - 08-22-2022

Hi all!
Before I came to Xonotic I played UT. Morpheus is one of few maps I like to play on. I found http://dl.xonotic.fps.gratis/morpheusx.pk3, but imo this map not good enough. So, I googled "how to edit map in quake/xonotic", found netradiant and look what I've did:

[Image: xonotic20220822141630-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220822141723-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220822141818-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20220822151231-00.jpg] 
Map has grappling hook, fireball, jetpack and alot of medkits and armor (and one sneaked heavy armor)
Still not ideal, but much better imo. Map for DM,TDM and other fights for 4-8 players.
Download v1.2b