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Editing Pick-Up Models - NoClue - 08-25-2022

i know that it is the g_weapon files. However even after decompiling them i don't seem to find a .skin file where it points to the shaders. I remember back then it worked that way but it seems like lots have been changed since i last edited something in xonotic. I kept searching everywhere and didn't find any solution. Can anyone help me how to actually edit the textures of the pick up models?

RE: Editing Pick-Up Models - NoClue - 10-27-2022

I kinda "bump" this threada. Can at least someone tell me where to find tutorials about how the xonotic models nowadays work. Things obviously changed over the years since i don't find a .skin file. So all the tutorials i found are either outdated or don't make sense anymore.

RE: Editing Pick-Up Models - ballerburg9005 - 10-29-2022

I was told that Xonotic uses a mixture of md3 and iqm file formats for models, which sometimes have the wrong file name extension (md3 -> iqm and vice versa) to be more confusing.

The skins for the models are loaded from image files, for example png, tga, or dds. So if you just wanted to change the color of the item for example, all you need to do is to edit the texture with gimp.

If it comes to player and weapon models beware that the tools for the IQM format are old and might not work properly. Try your luck with Blender version 2.80.

RE: Editing Pick-Up Models - NoClue - 11-25-2022

Thank you though most of the things i kinda figured already. Sadly it isn't enough to just edit the tgas. At least i didn't see any difference when doing so. And as you said Blender is just pain. I now kinda give up on it.
It's annoying though, i took me 5 Minutes doing it in Rexuiz (that xonotic fork) and an old Version of Xonotic (but then i wouldn't be able to use the new Weapon Models).

It bothers me because i think it would be really nice to have the Pickup Models similar to Quake Champions. I think it's just really nice and looking much cooler thanĀ  that 2d "simple items". So in case it isn't clear what i wanted to do here is an example. In Quake Champions all weapons have a specific color before getting picked up. So it is a nice way to tell what weapon you gonna pick up without needing simple-items (Which look way wore in my opinion). I just think it would be a nice addition to xonotic, especially when using competitive Settings. So in case someone is able to do what i wanted to do i really would appreciate it. Maybe i should suggest it as an Idea for xonotic? I mean it should be really easy to do for someone who is knowing HOW to do it because as i said it takes like 5 Minutes to accomplish it in old xon.

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