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RJZ Xonotic Duel League 2023 - h0tc0d3 - 11-30-2022

[Image: rjz-logo-512x512-d34b5a75.png]

The rocketjump.zone project invite you to participate in the RJZ Xonotic Duel League 2023 tournament, which will be held on January 8, 2023.

Everyone is free to join, simply notify on this thread or on Discord: https://rocketjump.zone/discord

You can find more information about the tournament at the link: https://rocketjump.zone/xonotic/xonotic-duel-league-2023/

Rules & FAQ

Mode: Duel
Time limit: 10 minutes
Frag limit: none


  • Aerowalk
  • Finalrage
  • Silentsiege
  • Bloodru
  • Stormkeep
  • Darkzone
  • Fuse

Matches usually happen every sunday at 7 CET (keep track on twitter or discord),
not played matches will be rescheduled or a forfeit will be given.

  1. QUALIFICATION - 2 players to qualify, single elimination bracket
  2. ROUND ROBIN - 2 qualified players and 8 invite only players
  3. THE FINALS - 4 top scored players, gauntlet bracket playoffs: (4 vs. 3, winner vs. 2, winner vs. 1)

Best of 3: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Tiebreaker
Best of 5: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker
Best of 7: Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker

Duel [1] - Frankfurt | RJZ Esports -
Fresh Meat - Duel  IPv4: IPv6: 2a01:230:4:7e6::2:27000

Support tournaments: https://rocketjump.zone/contribute/

Best players: https://rocketjump.zone/players/