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Open source 'futuristic' FONTS - teams - 09-11-2010

Here's a well made 'futuristic' open source font for example:

Fonts are an often overlooked necessity... But open source fonts are fundamental.

Mods: I'd like to suggest a 'design' section for all things specifically related to image concepts, fonts, interface and design.

Good Day!

RE: Open source 'futuristic' FONTS - rainerzufalldererste - 09-11-2010

that looks very good!!! o.O wow!

RE: Open source 'futuristic' FONTS - Roanoke - 09-17-2010

That's a nice font, but I dunno if OFL works with GPL.

RE: Open source 'futuristic' FONTS - naryl - 09-18-2010


Stallman said it's safe :)