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[DM / CA] Labyrinth - _para - 04-07-2023

May I present to you: Labyrinth.
It's a 8 by 8 tiled map like a chess board where the tiles connect via doors that open and close randomly t create an everchanging labyrinth.
The edges are connected via warpzones to make it seemingly endless.
The map is inspired by the liminal space aesthetic and the game control.

Have fun and please leave some feedback!


For some people it appears to crash and I don't know why. You've been warned I hope tho that it works for you. (for me on win10 -little dated- autobuild it does)
EDIT: It seems the latest autobuild/git version crashes with it. Got it working on the resurrection server after DarkBlue reverted some commits to git. Not sure what the cause was exactly tho.
EDIT2: After updating my client to the latest autobuild my map crashes for me too.

RE: [DM / CA] Labyrinth - _para - 04-07-2023

(1 video per message limit... -.-)