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[CTF] Highlander - Kotangens - 04-30-2023

Another special map from me: highlander.
Can be played only in CTF.
The special thing of this map is you need to control (not capture) the flag.
It's still CTF, but Control The Flags.
ISSUES: if you control the flags, the chat will be spamming a lot.
Bots aren't smart enough but it's still playable.
Weapons: machinegun, HLAC (modified, now it's really good), hagar, vortex, devastator.
Pickups: 1 mega armor, 1 mega health.
Vehicles: 8 spiderbots
DOWNLOAD: highlander_r3.pk3
[Image: cb8dec8f47127a0298d291c8803cc01c.jpg]
[Image: 9d22d98ce28c1033183e57725368a5c8.png][Image: 0f6340f57162743a46fd59cb699ad2e9.png][Image: f73d64b028855fe030abf1bd59aae5f7.png][Image: 564728fbf7b1ee74ae5b7dbebeb59f14.png][Image: fad02a1004057bfe460db868e6d526ba.png]

RE: [CTF] Highlander - ballerburg9005 - 05-02-2023

It is weird Big Grin

RE: [CTF] Highlander - Pendulla - 05-04-2023