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[DM] Last man standing REMIX - Kotangens - 06-04-2023

Long time ago I'd met a track, that I liked a lot: Last man standing by Karl Casey
And I decided to quickly make a concept of the map and items, it seemed perfect
and I started texturing it. I wanted to make it a sputnik, so
the sky box was needed to be, and I made other sputniks for it.
Long story short, it's a remix of the legendary map "Last man standing" by cortez (my favorite map)
Last man standing

Has waypoints for bots (a small issue: they abuse rocket jumps a bit)
Has 10 spawn points
Has three "best" weapons: devastator, vortex, mortar. (+ ammo for it)
No powerups
Licence: GPLv2
Custom track: Last man standing by Karl Casey (yep, that's the track I liked)
DOWNLOAD: Last_man_standing_remix_r2.pk3
[Image: e22651516d634ff79f7864b25aff71ea.jpg]
[Image: d9daf62fd3055d72f18e7197fdf746b2.png][Image: e8a863d9b0c1e1d974de3248161937d5.png][Image: 7341932d2b3afaf62301166d4a8a20f4.png]

RE: [DM] Last man standing REMIX - Le Deux - 06-11-2023

Hey wait a moment. I saw this on the Xonotic Discord server.

RE: [DM] Last man standing REMIX - Kotangens - 06-16-2023

Updated to r2:
-Now lights are equivalent to fog and it's really nice to see
-Platforms are REALLY easy to climb (even if you're in lava)

RE: [DM] Last man standing REMIX - Kotangens - 06-18-2023

CTF versions:
Download CTF version: last_man_standing_remix_ctf_r1.pk3
If you want vehicles on it: ..._ctf_v_r1.pk3
The V version includes 2 spiderbots in each base.
[Image: a21768f9ebc319f07a5c56a6206275a2.png][Image: f00e6f1b7fd781842e7aaad1ad2bd112.png][Image: 06efe1787f56ad713b6b4f3a2dc8965c.png]
With vehicles: [Image: 1857c96b4cfd62e413e0725a6ad214bc.png]
It uses warpzones;
Bots work better than in original remix;
You can't pick up mega items from your enemy's team. (but you can steal vehicles from your enemy's team in V version)

RE: [DM] Last man standing REMIX - Le Deux - 06-20-2023

Hmm, this map looks good. 10/10