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x Frags Left should come before other announcements - gd - 06-21-2023

Since this merge request, announcements are played one after the other in a queue, rather than at the same time, "exceptions are time critical ones like countdowns". But the "3 Frags Left" etc. announcements are not considered time-critical by this code, and even seem to have a lower priority than other announcements, and come after other achievements by the same shot (such as Impressive). However, the x Frags Left announcements can be time-critical in a close game, and are more important than most other announcements.

  • The simplest: If the same shot results both in an "x Frags Left" announcement and another announcement such as "Impressive", the "x Frags Left" should come first.
  • "x Frags Left" announcements should be moved to the front of the queue if there are other announcements pending.
  • Any pending "x Frags Left" announcement should be skipped if it's obsolote by the time it would be played. E.g. if you make an impressive shot, and the leader, with 4 frags to go (whether that's you or another player) frags 2 people while "Impressive" is playing, "3 frags left" should be skipped, and only "2 frags left" should be played.