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Hello! New NA player here - Dynamx_FPS - 09-25-2023

Hey everybody! NA gamer here.

I just found out about this game last night lol I'm completely new to Arena FPS games like this, but I have been an avid gamer for a while. I'm 31 and consider myself a competitive FPS gamer although I haven't ever won a tournament, I'm decent at gaming.

I would really like to find a group of people or even a team to join so I can learn the game and meet some friends. I don't have many IRL friends, and my gaming buddies aren't always online.

About me
- Diagnosed with ADHD at 30
- Husband and father
- aspired full time content creator 
- current active duty Army (11B)
- easy to get a long with

Feel free to reach out to me on discord, I game in the evening between 7pm-midnight off and on NA CST timezone.
Here is a Discord link to a channel in my personal server (I hope this is allowed)- https://discord.gg/weGb3nNArX