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Recruiting Clan Mamber’s (Velocity) - Dynamx_FPS - 10-05-2023

Good morning- trying to build up my clan with semi likeminded people/gamers. Im wanting to have fun, make friends and help out with Velocity members on a personal level. 

Things about me - 11+ years Army Infantry, graphic design, content creator, ex Professional Powerlifter @181, currently doing coaching for aim training, mental health (depending) and attempting minor game development. 

Clan name: Velocity
Location: NA
Timezone: CST
Purpose: Get more people playing them game, foster a healthy environment for casual and competitive play, wanting to organize tournaments and see how big we can make this. 

This will be very hard to do all by myself but if you are interested and have similar interest or find something you could benefit from I’m here to assist —->join the discord - https://discord.gg/52q8vnkUHR

Also I recommend if you have a clan or know of a clan looking to grow to share info about them to give gamers a nice selection to choose from.

RE: Recruiting Clan Mamber’s (Velocity) - [CISN] Neigdoig - 02-07-2024

This might be an option too: https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=9822

(Yes, it would be my clan, and that is the official post for it)