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[DUEL, DM, TDM] Canal - ballerburg9005 - 12-09-2023

Please update to v90. There were issues with the warp zone not showing sometimes. You can recognize v9 version by the light-blue portals, opposed to very dark-blue. Some minor other improvements were also added, such as better clips for more trickjumps. Now with more game modes.

This is a very old map. I don't really know the backstory much. Ch4mp gave me the prototype and we worked it out further, then I gave it the final design.

After 1 year, it is finally finished!


Thanks to t0uYK8Ne, Cortez & Ch4mp and whoever else!

Proudly brought to you by ⚡⚡ Extreme Voltage Clan ⚡⚡.

[Image: JRStnep.jpg]

[Image: JJbPbTz.jpg]

[Image: pwLzmw4.jpg]

RE: [DUEL, DM, TDM] Canal - ballerburg9005 - 12-09-2023

Btw. here is the trick how to do the "impossible" trick jump:

RE: [DUEL, DM, TDM] Canal - ballerburg9005 - 12-09-2023

Here is a short video tour of the map:

RE: [DUEL, DM, TDM] Canal - Baker - 02-20-2024

How was the "tunnel" behind the brick wall constructed -- if you know?

There are some cool things in that map.