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[DM, CA] Landing Hedge - Kotangens - 04-16-2024

Landing hedge
A map with special functions, is inspired by Quake 2 ("The Edge") and Half-Life ("Cross")
so maybe you'll find something similar with my map and those maps.
The name I've got in the English lessons, we wrote such words like "landing, hedge, etc...", and when I saw "hedge", I've got an idea to make a map similar to "The Edge" from Quake 2, and I remembered a nice idea from "Cross" from Half-Life, and I decided to "combine" them one day, that's the inspiration I've got.
Uses devel texture pack by Julius, it's already included in the map, so that's why pk3's size is big.
Weapons: machinegun, mortar, electro, crylink, vortex, devastator. Includes OKRPC as a superweapon instead of a powerup.
Many items and spawns.
Includes a water cellar! Big Grin
The only issue is that the map lags (FPS drops to 30-40). I don't know how to fix it. It happens on local game (try r_water 0 !), but it works fine on multiplayer.
DOWNLOAD: landinghedge_r1.pk3
[Image: b1c5dbb4fb9513b158d655135f589e86.jpg]
[Image: 01ac04d5319ce703b708c189ee9b1a5e.png][Image: 14f309fa1ef54ebb52b15971d4c66a63.png][Image: 6a8dc377dc7e5450e05adeeb31f9c711.png][Image: 045459b6a55e1775f7bd9b901abfe70e.png][Image: 8b061d99ac98b2266a29469d64706448.png][Image: a7ebbb57d6e231ab04167ac4a98dc1e3.png][Image: d4af412b9d238dc13119783972577bc4.png][Image: 8fdd92fca9c56e3ecd4fec725e84a3e4.png][Image: beaee93775a44672b04718d0e14a8ee5.png][Image: 0de0ad4e86c052677a82e86490754744.png][Image: 2c994e807864293bdf78c50c64071b92.png][Image: b4e0b5565078c3c106c1000fda0da7f5.png][Image: ad67cdf804167ebbd7224173065b23b8.png][Image: 887cf468d71a020571d1471fa1855a8d.png][Image: c1e230c05f8e9289248c2cf9f12c7af4.png][Image: eec5df521ac9dfe2b71c97036c255f6b.png][Image: 89e935bb72ad4e3ad29c014a55314453.png]