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Xonotic Duel League 2024 - SEEK-fried - 05-10-2024

Welcome to the Xonotic Duel Ladder!
Brought to you by [Image: 136.gif] MxCraven

Link for registration: http://gleagues.com/ladders.php?id=77

Here's some rules:
Standard XPM ruleset (with g_machinegun_reload 0)
Maps picked with drop-drop-pick-pick-drop-drop-pick. Player who recieved the challenge picks first.

Map Pool:
  • stormkeep
  • aerowalk_b2 (or hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4 if b2 is laggy, both players must agree on this)
  • finalrage
  • fuse
  • xoylent
  • downer_final_r1
  • silentsiege
  • bloodyrun
  • quark_v5
  • graphite_b2
  • tuhma
  • campgrounds_beta4
  • phrantic
  • aggressorx
  • sanctum
  • mint
  • darkzone
  • warfare
  • boil
  • cure_full_r3

Server should be decided as a best ping offering. +/-10ms is acceptable, either player can request fakelag be used by their opponent in the case of missmatched ping (net_fakelag x)

Servers that are known good:
  • MagNoren Duel Server [MN UK] Admin: [Image: 136.gif] MxCraven
  • xonotic-relax.ru duel (vcall vanilla for correct settings) Admin: [Image: 112.gif] Xord86_64
  • psyx duel (vcall arc_tournament for correct settings)  Admin: [Image: 52.gif] SpiKe

Please ensure you have autodemos and autoscreenshots on for proof. (cl_autodemo 1 and cl_autoscreenshot 2)

The official channel for this ladder is either #xonotic.cup in QuakeNet IRC or #tournaments in the Xonotic Discord (https://discord.gg/0uxcsw1XMkaOB936) You can also DM @MxCraven on Discord.

Any questions, ask and we'll figure it out. Have fun, and good luck!