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map release - theShadow - 09-15-2010

I am having difficulty packing my map into a .pk3 correctly. I put the information in, change it from .zip to .pk3, but I cannot get the map to show up in xonotic.

any help would be appreciated.

RE: map release - Roanoke - 09-15-2010

What is the directory structure in the pk3?

RE: map release - theShadow - 09-15-2010


I copied the dir structure from the red planet map.

RE: map release - Roanoke - 09-15-2010

You need a .bsp file (build menu in radiant).

RE: map release - Calinou - 09-21-2010

+1 Roanoke Big Grin
And don't forget additionnal media (textures/models/sounds) if you have some.. Wink