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Xonotic friend finder - goodfellow - 06-02-2024

Hey everyone,

I've created a service that gathers data on available servers and players in Xonotic. It works similarly to the website https://xonotic.lifeisabug.com, using Qstat to collect information. There are a few people I have a good connection with and especially enjoy playing with (let's call them friends for simplicity) and I would like to know when they are available in the game. That site is great, but unfortunately, it doesn't allow easy player searches. Moreover, it cannot notify me when one of my friends starts playing. I know there's an option to filter servers by player name in the server list within Xonotic itself (apparently undocumented 😉). However, I still miss the feature that allows me to add players to my friends list and get notifications when any of them join a server.

Before I start developing a mobile app (Android/iOS), I wanted to ask on this forum if anyone else has a similar problem or if I'm the only one in the world. Or maybe you have a different solution? If there's no interest, I'll probably add some functionality to the temporary test site I've created, highlighting friends from my list and sending push notifications. You can check this website out; it will give you a glimpse of what I'm talking about: https://xonotic.azurewebsites.net/players.

RE: Xonotic friend finder - goodfellow - 06-06-2024

Hi again,

Since there hasn't been any response to my previous post, it seems like I might indeed be the only one who would find such a feature useful. Therefore, I've decided to forget about developing a mobile app and will instead focus on enhancing the website I previously linked.

The mentioned site now looks better visually, and I've added a feature to display player skill, which I retrieve from XonStat. However, I have a couple of questions:

Why is the skill data available for only about half of the players in XonStat?
Why does the game allow duplicate nicknames?

This last issue makes me wonder if displaying skill levels is even worthwhile, given that I'm not entirely sure if the skill level corresponds to the correct player.

Thanks for any insights you might have!

RE: Xonotic friend finder - alien_shooter - 06-11-2024

here is my VERY lazy solution in bash:

while true; do
curl -s https://xonotic.lifeisabug.com/endpoint/json | jq -r '.server | to_entries[] | .key as $addr | .value.players| to_entries[] | "\($addr)\t\(.value.name)"' | grep -f friends.txt
sleep 10

where friends.txt is list of friend names in a file

this is pretty useless by itself, but if you wanna go this lazy script way, just add notification sender / bot

in-game gui for friends list would be awesome! dedicated website for that would be also be neat

edit: jq is a command you can find in your linux package manager