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What is it about dance?

I just don't get it. What it is about dance that makes people vote for it every single time it appears on the voting list? Don't get me wrong, it's a fun map, but it gets boring when you play it x times a day! I'd like to have a little variation for the maps I play.

So, if you're one of the guys who votes for dance all the time, tell me why!
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Personally, I don't even think it's that good.

I couldn't reply on the map voting poll before, but all the new maps had less votes then the older one's which is REALLY disappointing, considering most of the new one's are actually better, I just hope the new one's will start getting played or it's going to get boring.
Maps such as geoplanetary, courtfun (needs item work, but I dig the classic and big layout for CTF), and equinox, implosion etc, I'd like to see these maps being played when the game is released, they are the best layout one's anyway and very fun.
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Its because Dance is an "easy" map. Genomonetary and Courtfun are not, because you need a good working team there usually. Also its easier to capture at Dance and to get some frags. I guess thats the reason. Thats the reason why Minsta is popular - cause its so easy to kill someone. I like Dance. But I also like maps like Genomonetary, Courtfun, Controlfactor, tznex03, because there are quite complex and not so campy. But you need good teams there.
I guess you're talking about the DCC, which is basically like Dance, Facing Worlds, Blockscape, Dance [...]. Tongue
There are more maps actually but they don't appear in the voting, because the g_maplist isn't updated. You can use the command
to check which maps are available and then you can suggest them with
suggestmap MAP
2 suggestions will appear in the voting then.

[Image: dacing-fail.jpg]

(10-16-2010, 03:41 PM)Rage_ATWM Wrote: [Image: dacing-fail.jpg]

So that's where we get dance_neutered from, I always wondered.

ThePWTULN Wrote:So, if you're one of the guys who votes for dance all the time, tell me why!

Because people get sick of downloading it :p

If a map is played that much, then why shouldn't it be in the default distribution?
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Why I think Dance and simple maps like it are popular for players of all skill levels:

- bad/mediocre players have some DM fun on an easy to remember map without a lot of skill, while the good players play CTF;
- good players do not feel the presence of bad players on their team too much, because they don't really need any teamplay to cap.

So, fun for (almost) everyone means lots of votes in the map voting.

If the server admins don't like a certain map played a lot, they can set a limit by server cvars. Personally I don't like this, I think it's enough to have plenty of map choices and display only 3-4 maps in the voting screen at a time.
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I think PinkRobot has it bang on there. Its very easy for a good player who can move quickly to both defend and attack at the same time.

The newer players can learn the map fairly quickly and take the time to sit in a corner spamming electro balls at the flag Tongue
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Dance is like Greatwall reloaded 3 .... simple and fun map to play.
Yeah maybe is played to much times but the same problem was on Nexuiz with Greatwall and Facingworld.
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I'd always vote dance for its music. Sets a nice spacey atmosphere. Like soylent but for CTF.
(04-01-2010, 11:21 AM)Roanoke Wrote: Yes, beveled edges are more futuristic. Like BSG and their beveled paper.
But only on one edge.

Ah, so playability by players of all skill levels and simplicity is the key here.

Now, if only there were a completely rectangular map with all the weapons piled next to each other for simplicity... Oh wait, eggandbacon Big Grin
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Yeah, and what is it with Eggandbacon? It's voted all the time! and why is it called "Eggandbacon", anyway....
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(10-21-2010, 10:33 AM)The mysterious Mr. 4m Wrote: Yeah, and what is it with Eggandbacon? It's voted all the time! and why is it called "Eggandbacon", anyway....

I'm gonna say its because it was made quickly over breakfast.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Eggandbacon is the most crapy map ever, about dance I just wonna say this is "easy" map (agreed with Mirio) however in Xonotic version its improoved and a litlle bit harder, taking into account new physics (some jumps can be not high enough to rich platforms). True is that u have to use your brain (if u have one) to move on this map, using laser, even rl jumps). Imo dance is rly great designed map.

Eggandbacon was put together as a joke if I'm correct and ended up in Nexuiz because it had every single weapon in the game on it.

Oh wait.

In addition I think, that everyone can "practise his own style" on dance.
There are most of the weapons, also you can play more or less as you want, at any time.
If rocketjumping, if nexing around, if running around... what else. It is possible here, for everyone of every skill (as said before Tongue)

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