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ONS and DOM support

I'm planning to add ONS and DOM support for the major maps (right now, space-elevator and dance), but I have some questions concerning where to put the generators in space-elevator. Options:

1. By the flag
2. On the platform by the electro
3. Out in front of it all

Concerns with:
Position 1. Would be hard to get to. Easily camped.
Position 2. Not sure if this position would be too tight or too open. Maybe just right?
Position 3. Might be too open. Enemy team could camp in middle and pluck away at it.

To me it looks like 2. would be the best option. Let me know what you think. Other questions:

1. How many controlpoints should each side have? I imagine this would change per map.
2. How many Domination points should each side have? This too would change with map size.
3. Would anyone else be interested in helping me do this? Maybe FruitieX or someone else could commit the changes to git for me when I'm done?

Thanks in advance!


Ok, I tried editing space-elevator for ONS but when I compiled and opened in thegamethatshallnotbenamed, it was a big mess. This is undoubtedly because I do not have git. I thought I could just edit it, compile and hand to someone else to plug in, but I guess I shall be waiting until a stable NetRadiant for mac that can do Xonotic is released. Until then, I shall be brushing up my skills by adding support for the OLD versions, but I still plan to help with the Xonotic support once the tools become available.

Wish ons worked like the control point gamemode in Team Fortress 2, where you have to stand on a control point instead of shooting stuff. This would resolve the problem of a spot being too open and then allowing shooting the generator too easily, instead you'd have to actually stand there to capture it.

Xonotic git should be available on mac as well, which comes with the latest sources for NetRadiant:
Anyway yeah, I'll commit if you finish it. Smile
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