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Aylonic: Planet Warriors


The Xion Project will continue as Aylonic: Planet Warriors

The Story: In the year 2102, Cylons (Ailen Peoples) has discovered Earth by checking Moon for some human resources. And the war begins when Earth falls and our good Space Combat squad Black-Space team will begin to find other planets to live before the human race is destroyed.

The Gameplay: You will play as Black Five that is a SuperSoldier in the Black-Space team, you must fight on 3 planets (Earth, Jupiter and Saturn).

The End: The game ends with our Solar System falls and SCDS (Space Combat Drop Ship) escapes. (Legendary Mode: Black 5 is floating in space and gets pick up of SCDS).

if you want the Beta, you must have 500 points on your forum profile inside our forum and wait for 5th December

Sounds like an immature and likely copyright infringing project. Sorry, but that's my opinion, just the vibes I get from reading your post.
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wtf? Wrote:Statistics

We have 1 registered user
The newest registered user is Admin

Our users have posted a total of 1 article in 0 subjects
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Still sounds a bit like Xonotic :/
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Can't help but laugh at rainerzufalldererste's post.

I guess this forum is 1 day old thus its quite normal.

but, i need help with the project...

its open source and free (Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will cost 59$)

im gonna make some concept art first... (this project is more like "Call Of Duty Meets Halo: Reach)
(11-11-2010, 05:30 PM)ThePWTULN Wrote: Still sounds a bit like Xonotic :/

Its was the Only name i could find!! Angry

(11-11-2010, 03:44 PM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: wtf? Wrote:Statistics

We have 1 registered user
The newest registered user is Admin

Our users have posted a total of 1 article in 0 subjects

Aylonic Forums is new... and that is a problem.

First off ill say this - im not trying to scorn or flame im just giving you my first impression on seeing this post and your site.
  • Im having a hard time seeing how you can combine "open source and free" and "Xbox 360 and PS3".
  • The project description & storyline sounds a tad too generic to rouse any interest in me.
  • "if you want the Beta, you must have 500 points on your forum profile inside our forum and wait for 5th December" sounds downright desperate.
  • The lack of info on your dev team, engine, timeline, license or just abt anything else makes a rather poor impression.

from what I can tell, you have not done any actual work for this, beyond the planning stage, and until you do, until you have something to show how this is going to be something that is worth checking out, you will get absolutely zero people that are interested. sorry, that's just the way it is. make some progress, up to a point where you can make screenshots, and then start looking for help.

also, have fun trying to find a way to live on jupiter or saturn. :p
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Well at least the project is fast moving!

SkyHookers Wrote:Xion - Unity FPS Halo Like Game
SkyHookers Wrote:EDITED: The Unity Game (Xion) is now a Nexuiz Remake
Seijiro Wrote:So basically, there's Nexuiz based off DarkPlaces, there's Nexuiz based off Cryengine and Nexuiz based off Unity?
SkyHookers Wrote:Xion is a Darkplaces Game now
Flying Steel Wrote:Is this a commercial project with realistic chances of making more money than it will cost in time to make? Or are you going to pay your artists per hour or per assignment as they go?

If neither, you should switch to Panda3D and release under an open source or free license. Because otherwise there isn't much incentive for artists to help you out for free.

Closed source, freeware game projects are rarely successful. And even then, less rewarding for contributors, because their closed source nature doesn't easily attract future maintainers, which leads to a much shorter lifespan.
SkyHookers Wrote:Xion is a Open Source game, FREE OF COURSE!!

And, the final touch Wink

SkyHookers Wrote:Xion has been renamed and changed, see the Aylonic topic for info!

And yes, Xion has got into a Nexuiz Image Mod and sounds Awfully like Xonotic

Sorry, I just had to get a permanent record of the best commercial/Unity/Halo Clone/Nexuiz Remake/Darkplaces/Mod/Xonotic clone game ever IBTL Big Grin
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Heres the charathers:

John (Black 1), Kave (Black 2), Charter (Black 3), Tifa (Black 4 (Black 5`s girlfriend)), D-1 05 (Black 5), Hatsune Miku (HM-01), General Justin, Captain Mike and alot of Marines and Delta Troopers.

Heres the concept arts:

[Image: 45214471.lock.gif]
[Image: 561.png]
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