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Too hard to configure ?

Oh hey.
I tried to make a personnal server (to have admin Tongue). I tryed to configure the cfgs i need to configure. I could not configure them properly. Too long and too hard. That'd be cool to see a "simplified" easy to mod config to change essential parameters (server name, rcon pass, max clients). Any feedback ?

lol all you need to do is conf a server.cfg (examples in server/), stuff such as selecting server name, port and gametype. Then ./all run dedicated iirc
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Then, I'm looking for a wizard... and about the server.cfg = i don't want to configure the balance, and the physics... And i have to "skip" the lines. Anyway, I'll try to configure it for a second time.

(11-24-2010, 04:11 AM)Calinou Wrote: Then, I'm looking for a wizard... and about the server.cfg = i don't want to configure the balance, and the physics... And i have to "skip" the lines. Anyway, I'll try to configure it for a second time.

Server.cfg need for starting a server and not for the balance ... anyway you can also put balance command inside the server.cfg but not for your case.
Anyway post your .cfg.
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No.. i will configure it myself, thanks anyway.

You are correct in saying that the server documentation needs improvement. I'd be happy to add some stuff once my work load slows down....

Calinou, you're welcome to document your configuration difficulties to make it easier for the devs to fix them! I personally don't see any difficulty in configuration because I'm used to this, so a fresh perspective will probably help.

All it needs is an easy to find page where it explains how to start a server. It could be a post in the SERVER forum too, that is where I would look for it.

The actual proces is very straightforward once you know what to do. The server.cfg hardly needs changing, it will work out of the box. All the stuff you might want to change (like max players and the server name) is at the top and is described well.
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A documentation text file would be better. It would be in the Docs directory, which is slightly smaller than the whole internet and therefore easier to search through.

The ability to configure your basic server in the game using the menus and then load the dedi would be sweet. Possibly with the cvar menu(like in the advanced settings) with submenus instead of just a huge list.

Admining a server isn't an easy job. Once it's configured you have to maintain it, and there's no nice, easy fix-all clicky GUI for that. Making configuration easy is really just postponing problems and making people believe being a server admin is a breeze.

Besides, what is wrong with editing a config file? It's nicely formatted and all, very convenient to maintain.

I have to agree with Mr. Bougo here, setting up the server's config and such is the small part. Keeping things running smoothly n the long tun is what really gets you Wink Yes it could be easier and better documented, so feel free to help doing that documentation based on your experiences =) If you need a list of config options, you can always to a `log_file cvars.txt; cvarlist; log_file ""´ in your client and then you have a cvars.txt in the same place your config.cfg lives.

I agree too, i just figure that if there was an easier way to do it, it should be considered. If a gui wont get the job done, then so be it. I was just talking about a simple server really, with the possibility to to tweak some things in game, which is entirely possible already because I've done it from in the game when hosting.

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