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(03-26-2010, 04:42 AM)Erusavion Wrote: I'm sort of curious how the forums will be incorporated, though.

I was thinking more like Top Threads and Last Threads. And maybe just the titles, to make the users go to the forum to read the threads. I don't think that will be so hard to implement.

Well I just meant actually connecting the forums to the game. Then again that could just be a simple webcrawler script. I haven't tried implementing stuff like that so I'm just talking out of my ass I guess lol

Wow, yea, Im feelin' this dude!

Exactly the kinda thing i was thinking, simple lines, minimalist design and simple to navigate.
As much as i loved TruNex, I wasn't really sure about the whole 3 screens in one menu system, it took a while to get used to, but in a way i guess it kinda seemed novel, but a tried and tested tab like system you have designed here is rather good, but i think it still needs some polish, but its looking good!

[Image: sig2.png]
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I really liked the menu in TheGameThatShallNotBeNames 2.5.2 - it was different than all the other games, and really handy to use. (I also liked the manu system in UT99, but many ppl disliked it so I won't rant about it.)
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

(03-26-2010, 06:38 AM)Cyber Killer Wrote: I really liked the menu in TheGameThatShallNotBeNames 2.5.2 - it was different than all the other games, and really handy to use. (I also liked the manu system in UT99, but many ppl disliked it so I won't rant about it.)

Don't know how anybody could possibly dislike Unreal and UT99's menu. That and thegamethatshallnotbenamed had some pretty interesting GUIs that were quite easy to navigate. This one also looks pretty good kinda like a mix of the one used on Crysis and Battlefield 2 except it doesn't suck and can actually be navigated.

The forums part is similar to the main page of the Xonotic website. It seems to be similar to an RSS feed. Just read that and print it. As Aleator said, the point is a quick reference of the most recent posts to see whether you should visit the forums or not. A simple IRC client can be reduced down to almost nothing. Enabling and disabling the blur would probably be a performance feature. It helps the user focus on the window contents though. The motion in the background could distract someone browsing say the server list, but the blur causes your eyes to look away from that section. It will be a performance hit. It would be cool to base the background's level upon the most recent "faction" you were on. It would be the home ship of that faction. Here is the clear version, now that I look at it, it's decent, and a bit better.
[Image: uxpvag7lbc9oct159o72.png]

I need to point out that the "glow" behind the text is actually a Gaussian blur on a separate layer. That would have to be a realtime effect...and it would have to be Gaussian. The background is simple: Image->B&W->HighContrast/LowBrightness->OverlayBlue->OverlayBlack. That should be rather simple. This would allow the menu to display on top of the current game(like normal).

Edit: Ya'll realize this is a mockup and not an actual working menu right?

I think/hope everyone realized that. It's looking better so far =)

Who created the logo? I need that font.

Maybe z?

Everything looks good to me (for what it's worth) minus the menu font (is that Impact?)

The logo rocks, if I haven't mentioned that Smile

From IRC logs, "bankgothic" is the font that Dokujisan started with, but I guess he made a ton of custom changes to it.

Good, thanks parasti. I'll fix that asap. The font in the mockup was called Haettenschweiler...yeah...
For reference, I'm using the raw font, just gaussian blurring a copy placed underneath.

#38 is the RIGHT font!

Main Menu:
[Image: 8okwg9opnf89ruf7v99.png]

[Image: llb9g36n31bq7dy9ex8x.png]

Now, notice how small and awkward the IRC is. Here is a simple friends list instead:
[Image: u8ek2bj6ryzw0yx9aer9.png]

The envelope is to send a private message(delivered as a whisper on a server or as a message when the user opens xonotic)

The arrow means, "Join friends server." It would turn gray if the server was full.

Not bad, but what about using smaller fonts? It should be also useful for smaller screens, like Netbooks.
BankGothic looks small good too, but we could also use Monotype based fonts, with base 9x15 pixel matrix size.
Üdvözlettel / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards:

[Image: 34581.png]
[Image: 14909.jpg]

If someone plays Xonotic on a netbook... they are insane.

The menu with the new font looks perfect. I don't see any reason to make the font smaller.

Also, you are assuming that Xonotic will have set usernames and not dynamic ones?
Oh, and it could be made to where you could customize the community tab to have friends, messages, IRC, etc in each box.
BTW, for some reason you switched from the tab being community to the tab being campaign. Was this a typo?

New font looks amazing.

Readability is much improved with the new font. How will the "menu body" be joined with the menu entry?

@Roanoke: Heh...I'll make an animation when I get back home. Here's the idea. The buttons would sort themselves on the bottom of the screen and the selected button would move to the top. The button would then extend the length of the screen and drop down the window. The contents would either fade in or appear as the window drops.

@Erusavion: Not sure. Maybe it will be based upon the accounts that were talked about. It could also be based upon IP, but that would be a less safe alternative...

I meant the friends list you were talking about.

Yeah...I know. That's the only way I can think of to keep track of friends.

Oh sorry... I read your post wrong haha. Keeping track of the accounts talked about makes sense.

Could I just suggest that the actual buttons should be smaller, with more vertical space between the buttons?
Also, call me a freak, but I really do like Bitstream Vera Sans and Mono
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Those fonts are nice, but they don't fit with nexuiz. They're too... civilized and current, not futuristic.

I thought the current font looked fine. But these might help:

...hmmm...I'd rather keep the current font to blend with the logo. I rarely see multiple fonts used. I'll mess with some others, but the best option seems to be consistency.

@Will: I'll change it and see what it looks like. It might be better to keep things more proportional(which isn't in the current setup.) The larger buttons do seem to fit the style though, though maybe...let me try an idea...

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