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[SUGGESTION] New Game Mode - Tag Along

I got the idea when reading about the coop experience in one of the Wii COD games.

2 to 4 players will be carriers.
the rest of the team members will distribute among the carriers up to a max of
3 per carrier.

The basic idea is that each carrier will "carry" 3 other players as gunners/shields that will tag along and defend the player and shoot at enemies, essentially creating a powerhouse of firepower.

Carried players would appear as small pods floating around the carriers body, potentially creating shields that may be broken via damage. They would not be capable of movement on their own, relying on the carrier to move and relocate their positions on his body. The body positions would be like seats in a vehicle in other games. The "pods" would be animated to rotate based on their own aiming, to make them appear to be aiming at their own will.

Weaponry would be relatively simple for the carried players, starting with a default laser and gaining new weapons when the carrier walks over weapons. Carried players (within their group) may ask for use of one weapon each from the carriers inventory. The carrier would grant use of that weapon with the push of a convenient button.

The point would be to have a number of teammates smashed into one singular entity to enable a mass of firepower and HP, as well as eyes in all directions. I can imagine this being a hilariously fun game mode. I hope I was able to describe this as well as I think, because I have not slept yet.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

So, a giant robot made of multiple players fighting other giant robots made of other multiple players? Me like!

haha this sounds preddy damn fun Tongue not totally easy to do tough.

Well, a giant robot wasn't the idea exactly, but that is similar. More like one normal sized player with other players controlling hovering weapon pods that float around him. The players controlling the pods have there camera locked to move with the pods, with free mouse rotation and aiming. The pods would also have shields of sort to protect the main player, until overloaded with damage.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

Sounds cool and very refreshing Smile I like this idea!
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

"I can imagine this being a hilariously fun game mode."
4m038105 - Be the change.

I don't think this would work, because the guy and his pods would be to big to fit on most maps (aggressor in mind here, but most maps I think). Would work if we still had maps like silver city, but I don't think that one's coming back.
nowego [MLP:FiM]

imagine this game mode with shields xD
[Image: 788.png]

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