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Poll: Which Health system do you prefer?
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Xonotic balance
17 58.62%
Nexuiz balance
7 24.14%
Compromise/other (please specify)
5 17.24%
Total 29 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] Health Systems

Some way of making the health/armour limit's/caps more obvious is indeed the best way to go then changing things, that's a really good idea Smile

@Green, I had much better game's with the current setup then I have had in Nexuiz, had some close game's vs FruitieX on a few maps in duel and you got more area's to think about now in that gametype. Overall for the other game types I played like TDM/CTF & Assault, it's nice that item's can get shared equally atleast on public game's and thus has made the game's much more interesting, I have a few 2on2TDM demo's vs affro where I let fruitiex take the armour when I have some rather then just picking it up for myself and becoming a 200/250+ armour machine so also in competitive game's for me it's also working better.

Anyway that's just why I don't want to go back to something so terribly unbalanced and it works nicely now.

As for quake-clone stop banging the same stick Lee you've actually gotten worse since the release has come out, is UT a quake clone because it has a rocket launcher, a pulse rifle that has the same function as Quake's lightning gun too.

Xonotic has a mixture of several fps elements, and that's what I like.
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