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Customizing a server's performance for gaming

Here's an interesting post with some ideas about customizing a server for gaming.

Anyone have thoughts on that, or additional ideas for improving performance on gaming servers?

well i never knew about this stuff , so it looks interesting,

but of course there is ping , but has anyone done study into 0 ping? , like science nerds and stuff?

didnt they make a laser beam teleport from one room to the next , instantly?

i know there is antilag for this game , it helps me shoot people on high ping servers (nex) , but what about the other guns? , hmmm?

oh idk...

do u?


chooksta.. its becuase you use...

what is in the post makes sense.... dynamic ticks are more for a desktop environment. i just didnt really think about it.. we should look into what some of the default linux kernels and such have in the build for servers..

wtf is unbuttu?

sounds buggy mannnnnnn :p

me xp

serial though , who knows about this?


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