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[SOLVED] After compiling, what´s the next step?

I´ve compiled xonotic in windows (i have linux but my videocard losses several frames in others fps....ex. sauerbraten) ....ok (I have followed the tutorial)
Once in the finish step, i run the game... then everything is working, so when i tried to play....
The engine didnt load scenary.... console said that there`s no map...
Tutorial explains that those steps only compile the those tricks dont compile how can turn the game on?

(12-22-2010, 01:24 PM)blackguard Wrote: I´ve compiled xonotic in windows ....
Check for a virus or two Smile

Merry Xmas

maps? what do you want with maps? have you compiled the Game (QC source)?

Merry Xmas
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(12-23-2010, 09:31 AM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: maps? what do you want with maps? have you compiled the Game (QC source)?

Merry Xmas

Compiling and running the game¶ Wrote:When the cloning of all the repositories is done, open MSYS (not git bash this time) and type:
cd /xonotic
./all compile
This will compile the engine, QC compiler, and game progs. When this is done, you can then run the game with:
./all run
#why run the game?.....if it hasnt compiled at all#


ok........i will check qc
[quote='FruitieX' pid='18425' dateline='1293122540']
... PROFIT?!?
Big Grin

Or just play Tongue .......good joke

Hmm, there ./all compile should take care of everything, and by now I know there's default maps included... not sure why it isn't working for you, but anyway you can always-

Add maps by dropping the .pk3 in your xonotic>data
Start a match with that map in the 'Create' tab of Multiplayer. (You can also use the 'chmap' command in the console.)
One more thing: does the terrain show when you play online?

P.S. Does anyone know if there is a list of console commands and where it might be?

ok..........that works

Xonotic 0.1 has been released....... compilation isnt necesary now, i have compiled engine so im going to use my engine build with the official release (somebody told me that gentoo is a fast distro, then compiled files are faster than prebuilt files.......arent it?)

Thanks to everybody.... for your feedings and your help

Happy X-mas....

The engine you compiled yourself shouldn't be that much faster... Actually it might be slower because the debug symbols aren't stripped.

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