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can anyone help my fail internet.

OK so heres my internet setup.

i need a way so every 5 minuets my internet doesn't disconnect for a few seconds. when im playing nexuiz/xonotic i loose connection every 5 mins but can still see other plays shooting me and moving around. as if i loose all outgoing traffic but still get incoming. i can still hear the people talking in mumble but they do not hear me when this happens.

this is my setup:

please help if you can. we did have the 5 min problem working for a while but we had to change it back because we kept loosing phone calls from customers.

edit: here are some photos of the modems etc:
[Image: vNzdsZw]

I had the same problem with wireless connection until I figured out that my adapter was crap and then I bought a new, better one. Now I don't lose my connection anymore.
Also I heard that some phones can cause this too.

my computer is connect to wired, it never goes through wireless
[Image: vNzdsZw]

...What easily brings you to conclusion that your 'wired' adapter is a crap.


it happens on all computers
[Image: vNzdsZw]

so is there anyway for the 5min disconnection to stop?
[Image: vNzdsZw]

rofl @your setup Big Grin
looks a bit complicated Big Grin
[Image: 788.png]

yer it is, but this 5 min outgoing disconnection is really annoying.
[Image: vNzdsZw]

i guess not :/
[Image: vNzdsZw]

if ya got a anti virus thingo , check to see if it trusts the other computers
or add the game as an allowed firewall thingo
or contact fonzy (ayyyyyyyyy)
or swap sum cables
or contact a nerd
or stop playing cod

poor fhishy Sad


haha chooky. your such a unnerd. its not a virus.

swapping cables would do something yes, weather it would work. probs not

i dont play much cod now BUT THATS ON THE XBOX

im trying to contact nerds, but i think nerds dont even know

[Image: vNzdsZw]

I would try connecting your PC directly to your router and then testing for >5 minutes. If it still fails then there could be an issue with the router. If you can play for more than 5 minutes then restore your LAN and remove as much of the network as possible.

Your network map suggests an office set up, so I would try this at night after the office workers have left Smile

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