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Linux on Alienware

Alienware is conducting a survey right now to investigate the suitability of Linux as a preinstalled OS option on their systems. If you're a Linux evangelist (or just normal Linux user Wink) you might want to put in a good word for Linux at

Oh, and remember to talk about including best-of-breed free and open source games with the computer, especially Nexuiz and Xonotic Big Grin
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Thank for you the information provided!
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Filled out the survey. Pointed out the fact that Linux IS a capable gaming and multimedia platform and that I currently use my Linux system to play games including some 70 titles on my Steam account.

Oh wait.

i voted for linux, even though I don't use linux. still, it's true I WOULD be a lot more interested in alienware if it came with linux. (mostly because there are thousands of computers that ship with windoz and practically none for linux.)
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filled it in Big Grin hope it goes well.
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