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Character Design - Concept Art

Hi! I'd like to share some of my work with this project. Here are two character designs I made some time ago just for fun... Maybe they fit with the style of this game and you could use them. Anyway, i'm gonna interiorize in what your doing (the art style i mean) so i can create some fresh art in the future. Big Grin

This one is called "Faraday Suit": The guy inside it suffered some kind of accident that make him live in a pure energy state (like the Archons from Starcraft), he needs the suit to keep the human form so he doesn't loose his individual consciousness.
It still WIP.

This one is called "Gardenia": She's an astral voyager, she can separate herself from her body and travel as a spirit or something like that, but keeping phisical interaction with the environment.
[Image: invuncheworks.png][Image: exement.png]

Love the 'Faraday Suit' concept, fits the game perf imo. Can you make t-pose front/side drawings? if so theres a real chase of this making it into the game.

I dont think Gardenia will work out, visually speaking its 'just' a naked woman, cant see the game connection here.

Keep em coming =)

Completely agreed with tZork. Love the Faraday one. And yes i would also like to see it in a t-pose

Just as tZork said, the Faraday Suit is truly an awesome piece of concept art. The Gardenia doesn't really look like she'd fit the game though, even if she had some armor, she's too much of a fantasy themed character as opposed to a sci-fi one.

Oh wait.

The 2nd one would bring new players to the game I guess! Tongue
1st one is great for sure.

Mirio, think about it. If somebody thinks of downloading Xonotic just to see the 2nd model won't his time and traffic be spent better by downloading some p0rn instead?

1st one is great. I'm imagining it with lots of semi-transparent parts to look inside the suit. :)
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows

"Glass" parts or detached elements would be something for a v2.

A ghost-like character could fit Xonotic, if done right, but i have doubts it could be "done right". We can't put a naked person in the game, nor do we want to shoot at "unarmed people" (i have trouble imagining such a character with a weapon). The "ghost" could however be made a vague energy field, but then there would be players complaining about visibility, although, this would really be cool for bots, in training mode, especially.
4m038105 - Be the change.

I like theses Character designs, really original.

The Faraday suit looks very fitting - Xonotic has a gun that shoots electricity after all Wink I like the heavy-duty futuristic look the concept has, and a character that exists purely as an energy form is just gagging for a suit that has lots of cool glowing parts. The Gardina concept looks somewhat... underequipped compared to the current playermodel set though.

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