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Is it true that ballistics was removed?

Is it true that ballistics was removed?

I have a setting in my config that enabled true ballistics for bullet based weapons (sniper rifle, machinegun, shotgun etc).

In the past this enabled true ballistics (including the bullet taking time to travel through the air, traveling in an arc if you aimed high etc, going through materials).

I have been told that this feature has been removed. It is no more.
Is this true? If so, that is a damn shame.

It was really fun.

Also I have heard that it's going to be "energy bullets" now.
That sounds gay and a bad idea.

Nice nick mike. Big Grin Should be "DidYouRemoveBalistics" though. Wink
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Is it true?

It wasn't removed, just renamed - after you, actually! They wanted to make it MIKEE_LOVES_BALLISTICS but due to a character limit in QuakeC, it had to be shortened to MIKEE_LOVES_BALLS. You should feel honored!

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is it true mikeeusa's balls were removed? gawd I hope so
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