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[SUGGESTION] Re-writing of CTF game code (want new ideas)

How's that: we could have two circular areas around the flag once dropped - similar to the bomb in Warsow ("bomb and defuse" game mode). Standing in the narrower one requires you to stand relatively still, but you can pickup the flag faster. If you need to move around a bit to dodge enemy fire, there's still the wider circular area that lets you pick up the flag too, but it takes more time.

Of course this requires the pickup areas to be clipped by any brush, patch or model in order to prevent flag handover through walls, I don't know if that's possible.

The problem with jumppads is that if the flag is very near you may have troubles finding the right spot to pick up the flag without triggering the jumppad. But that's most probably not happening very often and can be ignored maybe. Though a jumppad is a typical spot to kill a flag carrier.
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Stay on subject or i'll start over with the thread. (@ FruitieX)

BTW just a quick update -- I found a way to do the flag cap light effects, but actually I also found a way to increase performance with the shockwave with a newer model made by morphed. I'll implement both and it should still have better performance than with the old shockwave. Also: The code is becoming mostly functional, I'm a little over half way done. In a few days i'll be hosting a server with it for testing, i'd really appreciate if I could get the help for that later.

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