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[DM] Modern West Town

Hi there, Some thing new is allways good, no?! I sowed that a map on west town in Xonotic is missing!! so I decided to make one, make a new filling make new gameplay and a new view to this game... But this map is not only west.. is a combine of modern things with those old things!! this map is my first here so I need to use making maps not only for "Padmans" I sholde make for Xonotic too, that exprince I never had before... To make a completly outdoor map with many good benfits! im Happy on me now Smile)) so my first map here(littel lame, for true(I know))# outdoor# This is it, Hope you will like it Cool

[Image: 7ejewtm648k9b0a90a2a_thumb.jpg][Image: 0vbyvqwrs1boc7c5ha6e_thumb.jpg][Image: dvl7nslevplu72wb7h5_thumb.jpg][Image: as79s496sbtu9p23426n_thumb.jpg][Image: cp4fmg7yxp0677uwjqln_thumb.jpg]


Nestel <3

Why this have no reply so far? Look I only works this neto couple of days.. I can improve this and make a good level of mapping.. My last kitchen map is made in a big time so I can change this too Smile Only I need is your recommands to make it awesome - "for true like the good old days that people replys in the "padman" forum when I make something, this was help". "if you say how to improve I improve this"(all me).. If you say mapping is not for me is ok too... Thanks Smile

P.S: the space bewtwen brushs to brushs is because some bug in the NR compile issue(this desperd a face from the brush).

Hi Nestel! The link doesn't work for me...don't know why. So yea.
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile


Nice map. Overall goooood. Like the warehouse thingy. Just a few problems. The windows wont let you through, and u cant really fall off the edge... Also, some problem with the stairs, won't let u climb up, but it's great overall.
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile

looks awesome mate! , well done Smile

i might have to make a tune 4 it now Big Grin



2 things:

The "Race leader" texture is mirrored:

and this one does not really match:

Here I fix all you say and add the missnig Arcade machine model:

Edit: I have quastion, as the dev man of this..: You play this at all in xonotic and enjoy it?.. simply I have the preview and I not see anyone in the servers.

Modren West Town 2 is redy to go!
whats new/ change/ imporved:
-another place on the desert Big Grin
-big map #openworld
-real env
-CTF(need to add type CTF inside the pk3 in maps/modern_west-town-v2.mapinfo)
-more mapobjects
-more cool arcade room
- a high up map
-more fun!

[Image: 6qlh4gxn1s83kylkbwe_thumb.jpeg][Image: dg7ck1mpxj1jpy47tbjr_thumb.jpeg][Image: bv3acwajfbl6ck7w3ik7_thumb.jpeg][Image: hi4dc7kcdku4k9a40lb4_thumb.jpeg]

Enjoy Smile))))

Im open for any feedback to do this better.

Looks very nice. And Xonotic needs both outdoor and vehicle maps Smile

Some tips:
-Maybe make some kinda helicopter landing place on top of one of the high build with that fly vehicle
-Search in other Xonotic/Nexuiz maps for some models and just put them outside, so it's less empty.
-And some buildings could use a bit unblocking Tongue

BTW That skulltrain is awesome Cool

Did anyone ever save this file? Seems to have been removed from the file upload sites.
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Thanks a bit too small for large groups.
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I like outdoor maps, thanks for the map, I'll download it Smile
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