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Inspiration for weapon models

The idea is for everyone to post images that may inspire ideas
for weapon models.

Of course, these are images from movies, artist renderings or from other
games, so don't replicate these directly. Also, you can post shapes of
things that a weapon design could be based on... like spaceships, insects, plants, etc

[Image: District_9_%28Alien_Weapon%29_Concept_Art_Pics_5.jpg]
[Image: zz3f409983.jpg]
[Image: the-lancer-assault-rifle.jpg]
[Image: gears-of-war-2-lancer-replica-big.jpg]
[Image: 5569_screen_edc41fb7bf8bdac012523d1bcd949a4f.jpg]
[Image: 30.jpg]
[Image: humanweapons.jpg]
[Image: 500px-District95.jpg]
[Image: chewbacca.jpg]
[Image: halo-3-scaled-rifle-01.jpg]
[Image: virtuebazooka.jpg]
[Image: tyranidweaponszn4.jpg]
[Image: n40043344306_1515035_644.jpg]
[Image: SonicWeapon.jpg]
[Image: BattleRifleAngles.JPG]
[Image: 72045278.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=77BFBA...4B24B4128C]
[Image: locust.jpg]
[Image: resistance-2-chimera-weapon-attack-screenshot-big.jpg]
[Image: the-bio-rifle.jpg]
[Image: 400px-StA-52_Light_Assault_Rifle.jpg]
[Image: SPARTAN%20LASER.jpg]

Whooow!!! nice!
I could help with modeling new weapons!

I'm messing around with some weapon design.

I cranked out a very crude model, the concept is going to be lots of ribs and a carbine style. Originally I was kind of messing around with the idea of a parabolic emitter + lens, but I don't like it so much as I've experimented more.

*Shrugs* Pretty much I haven't put too much time into it and am not very far along. But felt like sharing a little.

[Image: laldaaach.jpg]
[Image: laldbaach.jpg]
[Image: laldcaach.jpg]
[Image: lalddaach.jpg]

I might end up with something decent as I have the time. Pretty much the two things that interest me aesthetically in firearms are negative spaces (via ribs, slots, etc) and blades. So probably those with be the sorts of features on any models I come up with.


[Image: How-to-Construct-the-Battle-Worn-Plasma-Rifle.jpg]

Interesting shape, perhaps a base for a machinegun or similar?

here are some weapons I have made, and am willing to contribute. if I do, i will probably redo some of them to refine the design.

[Image: assaultrifle2.jpg?t=1269363846]
[Image: minigunv2.jpg?t=1269363952]
[Image: minigun.jpg?t=1269364635]
[Image: weaponslocker-1.jpg?t=1269364687]
[Image: gauntletv5.jpg?t=1269364725]

and my favorite
[Image: nexgun.jpg?t=1269364778]

texturing is my weak point, but perhaps someone might be able to offer assistance. :p

PS: I am Yoda_almighty, from the nexuiz forum. ;P


Oblivion! Get the fuck in here!

Seriously, nice models... I think we can use these if someone (I bet Oblivion could do a wonderful job) could texture them.

WOW theShadow, those are awesome. I really dig the chain gun and the sniper rifle.
Latest obsession.

I do like Yoda's models. They're consistent and futuristic, which is what we want. You should post the latest melee model too.

I like this one

Yeah, they're much better than my dinking around.

well, I was using the color dropper on the star to get the color I just created for this new theme and ended up clicking this thread a 1, which it is not. However, I can't seem to change the rating now that it's been made.

Bug report filed.

(03-20-2010, 04:00 AM)Dokujisan Wrote: [Image: n40043344306_1515035_644.jpg]

lol, the White Star is a ship not a gun...
megatog615 -

(05-17-2010, 09:22 PM)Odin Wrote:
(03-20-2010, 04:00 AM)Dokujisan Wrote: [Image: n40043344306_1515035_644.jpg]

lol, the White Star is a ship not a gun...

Some might say that a "ship" is a "gun"... but that's in a completely different context >.>
[Image: optsig.png]

Cool stuff, theShadow! Your models look very good imo!
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

@ Shadow, that third pic instantly makes me think of the hagar. It's heavy and it looks like it can unload at an alarming rate.

Oh wait.

(05-19-2010, 06:49 AM)Chryyz Wrote:
(05-17-2010, 09:22 PM)Odin Wrote:
(03-20-2010, 04:00 AM)Dokujisan Wrote: [Image: n40043344306_1515035_644.jpg]

lol, the White Star is a ship not a gun...

Some might say that a "ship" is a "gun"... but that's in a completely different context >.>
[Image: 364381_res2_7625524gal.jpg]
Captain Sheridan is not amused...
megatog615 -

Just came across a page with some pretty nice weapon model examples. IMHO this is the style of art Xonotic should follow.

[Image: StarFireLightBlasterDreamcastlightgun.jpg]
The Interact StarFire LightBlaster for Dreamcast.

Seeing that it's likely Xonotic's shotgun will need 'energy' visuals in the near future, I thought this one was particularly applicable:
[Image: puma_n_01_by_peterku-d5twpe0.jpg]

I like that shotgun concept Smile

The M41A Pulse Rifle from 'Aliens' always struck me as a very Xonotic-esque weapon from a design standpoint, personally. That kind of utilitarian, 'Ridley Scott's Alien' vision of the future, instead of being too 'star trek.' Practical, robust, futuristic, and has a body size that would fit in the hands of Xonotic's characters really well, nice and beefy. Just my impression.

And I really dig the style of some of theShadow's models, seem to go right along with what's cool about the M41A.
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
Announcer mic check and forum thread.

Wohooo Alien! But srsly, imho that gun doesn't look "futuristic" (however that is defined) enough for Xonotic. It looks awesome on its own, but I have the feeling that something's missing to really fit into the Xonotic style. Smile

Anyone in need of some visuals, look here:

[Image: smallfinal55.jpg]
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

[Image: pew-pew-pew-02.jpg]

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