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Icon/small graphics artist needed

imo: To many details in such small icons, Perhaps u should simplificate it somehow...?

I like it very much, it also blends perfectly with the current menu color scheme.
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I like it very much!
[Image: 561.png]
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That looks awesome Samual!

I'm very sorry I've been taking so long to finish the icons. I'm moving soon and have had a lot of other things to distract me, including a dead power supply in my desktop where the icons are :/ Getting a new one soon and I will finish them up.

One silly question:

Samual, I see you got a lot of maps to chose out, I do not have so many many maps there, I use autobuild and updated today. Of course it is because you have the git, but why has the git so much more maps? I would like it if the autobuild had somany too.

I use git and haven´t more maps than in autobuild... strange.

You don't have all those maps showed in the screenshot? Strange, what verwiin are you using ghen, Samual, to have such a great amount of maps?

I think he copied them from dl_cache to data, then they´ll show up in the menu.

Anyway, we´re getting offtopic... so back on topic!

Wow, they show up then? Nice, didn't know that, gonna try it out!

Sorry for getting off-topic again.

Hey guys, here's the rest of those ringless icons. Sorry it took me so long :/

Is anyone still using/planning to use these icons?

I'd appreciate if someone did...
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


OH, i'm sorry mate, I didn't see your update -- OF COURSE WE'RE GOING TO USE THEM... actually, i'll right on finishing that menu feature tomorrow (If I can fix this one bug first...)

JayWalker, I just wanted to say thanks again for the icons. They are live on the stats site at, and they look good!

Let me know if you're up for doing any more graphics work, because I'll take that quality any day.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

look here [Link removed by moderator]

Thanks for the link, but this doesn't provide what we want.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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