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Movement tutorial : Am I right ?

Well well, there are a couple things from the movement tutorial I just don't get.

Bunnyhop : Ok.
Forward Turning : The more gain speed, the less you are able to turn with you mouse only. OK
Strafe Turning : Much narrow turns, ok.

Steep Strafe turning : As far as I can get it, You basically do a regular strafe turn, but you move your mouse too fast. So you lose some speed. But that is better than hitting a wall.
Air control : Now that gets complicated. I can bunnyhop with diagonal movement ? Can it help me gain speed, or not ? Will it let me take narrower turns ?

Oh, and : will the speed/accelerometer be back in the autobuild ?

Thanks !

Simboubou: the physics have changed a bit since the tutorial video has been edited.
Basically, now, you don't lose much speed by using only strafing.
But I let experts answering your questions more into details.

hud_panel_physics 1 to get the speedmeter. Can be enabled in the HUD editor.
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Simboubou, the speedometer and accelerometer never left. They should be in the menus as before (i.e. not enabled by default, but just a checkbox away).

The tutorial is still relevant even though the physics and balance have changed since it was made. I'd recommend bringing up the accelerometer and playing around a bit. Everyone has different preferences for their mouse configuration, so you have to find a good sensitivity for you to both aim and move well with minimal difficulty. The *meters just give you hard numbers by which you can judge.
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Ok, I have scanned though the options, and wasn't able to turn on these features. I eventually used the advanced settings. The speedmeter is here, though the accelerometer is flikering and is barely readable...

(06-13-2011, 03:19 PM)Simboubou Wrote: though the accelerometer is flikering and is barely readable...
i cannot disagree on this... some numerical data would be way more efficient, btw.

Well, I have an accelation value in Gs (who cares about the unit, by the way ?). But that value changes way to fastly to be readable. I'd like to have the large green or red bar.

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