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load progs.dat

Hi all.

I compile progs.dat and put it in to ~/.xonotic/data but server don't load that. How to load progs.dat?

I usually add
PHP Code:

to, rename the zip to zzz_server_x.pk3 and move the pk3 to ~/.xonotic/data. You could write a simple script to automate the process. This worked quite well with the N game.

Alternatively, use "./all compile" to recompile and then fs_rescan and restart the map. If there is a problem with your QC then the compile will probably fail and your server will use the previous version.

"fs_rescan" scans all the game dirs and finds any new files
"restart" restarts the current map, which reloads the virtual server and hopefully loads a new server binary.

I used to use bind F4 "fs_rescan ; restart ; defer 4 join_auto"


I'm use xonotic-autobuild-downloader and try on git version but it don't work.
For compile progs.dat i'm use fteqcc-linux64 and for server use debian 6.01a AMD64.
And i'm try to replace standart progs.dat in Xonotic/data/xonotic-rsync-data.pk3 but it's don't work and i don't understand why so.

I compile progs.dat because i do mod for xonotic. Six mounth ago it work good whith git version.

If you are using git then "./all compile" should compile your code and make a new progs.dat. After the compile has finished use "./all run" to run the new code.

You could check
  • the console log for errors
  • the time stamps of progs.dat

When you have launched Xonotic you can check where the progs.dat is located, open the game console and enter
PHP Code:
which progs.dat 

My git version
PHP Code:
which progs.dat
.dat is in virtual package xonotic-data.pk3dir 

Thanks for help.
Realy when i write which progs.dat in server console it say that
progs.dat is file ~/.xonotic/data/progs.dat

So server know about my progs.dat but my mod don't work.

May be there are mistakes in my progs.dat but compiller say that all works. Mod very easy and it works some times ago. I think broblem in autocvars.qh. I create two new cvars and add it to my server config.

I'm finde mistake in my progs.dat.
Now all works good.

Thanks for help.

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