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[SOLVED] Weird skybox+minimap+realtime light

1-[SOLVED] I'am trying to setup a projected skybox and its works but not as I expected. I can see it from another room trough a warpzone see that: The stars that appears in the small room are just an applied texture to the walls.

[Image: tOTg4Mw]
[Image: tOTg4Ng]

I builted a cube outside of the map and i did put in it an _skybox antity, I textured the wall as I wanted my sky. I wrote the shader's informations in the map.shader file.

I've tried lots differents setting befor to get that. I did not find yet in the q3map manuel nor in the gtkradian man. or furums. Things found on google are about other games urban terror or open arena... I can not make links of it with my work.

2-[SOLVED]I'd like to generate a minimap to put in the gfx directory. I used the netradiant build drop menu (simple) -minimap process but its appear to me just a normal compilation whithout no minimap output.

3-[SOLVED] In the game video setting when "use realtime lightmap" is selected then any map are dark as monkey's ass! I dont have shadows in the maps I work on but I think it is because I need to setup a target direction for the lights. I am learning.


I'm no expert but I don't think that compiling the minimap touches the map at all.

You do know that the minimap is called mapname_mini.tga and is located under gfx in the pk3?

(06-26-2011, 08:59 AM)nowego4 Wrote: I'm no expert but I don't think that compiling the minimap touches the map at all.

You do know that the minimap is called mapname_mini.tga and is located under gfx in the pk3?

:-) I know all that, I'am just asking how to make(generate) "mymap_minimap.tga" to put in the new directory I created called gfx at the root of the future pk3 file of mymap.

thank you.

IIRC when I did mine I didn't have a gfx directory, just clicked on the (single) -minimap and it created a gfx file with the mymapname_mini.tga in it alongside the maps folder.

But that is because I have my saving path set up to go somewhere else, I think back with nexuiz's netRadiant it saved it under .nexuiz/data/gfx/mymapname_mini.tga (Mac) by default. Perhaps you could see if there is a similar directory for Xonotic (.xonotic).

I'm not sure what the file hierarchy is on Windows, but if you can find the folder and you didn't set a custom save location, that's where it should be.

So anyway, the (single) -minimap is the right one, and it is creating the file, you just have to find it. On Mac, we have hidden files with a period in front of them, and you have to have those exposed to take care of business.

GLHF, I'll try to answer any further questions to the best of my ability Smile

[ I'm not sure what the file hierarchy is on Windows]

I use linux for 10 years :-P
I can't find a new file created after execute built (single) -minimap. There is no file in my .xonotic directory nor in the git xonotic one. Here there is what the compile log say:
Writing /home/user/.xonotic/data/maps/X-evilspaceremix/maps/X-evilspaceremix.srf
Writing /home/user/.xonotic/data/maps/X-evilspaceremix/maps/X-evilspaceremix.bsp
writing /home/user/.xonotic/data/maps/X-evilspaceremix/maps/X-evilspaceremix.prt

Anyway I'am not in a hurry about that but I will need it 'Cause a plan a ctf map soon.
thank you again nowego4 for your help. I'll have a look in the netradian config for " saving path " I will check also in my ./netradian folder. Be happy


mmmh I tested the entry
Q3Map2: (final) (Xonotic approved and RECOMMENDED)
which contains the line
[q3map2] -minimap "[MapFile]
and no minimap was created
Q3Map2: (single) -minimap
worked as expected

thank you my friend, I did not know "q3map2" was the command used to build. I found all those commands in the file xonotic_default_build_menu.xml. I tried the command in a shell (see below) but the program crash, seg fault. I thing this is why the commands option -minimap does not works when I use the drop menu
Q3Map2: (single) -minimap and Q3Map2: (final) (Xonotic approved and RECOMMENDED). they can not built a minimap.
I will update netradiant via GIT and compile it or ask someone to create a minimap for me.

[me@localhost X-evilspaceremix]$ q3map2 -minimap maps/
threads: 4
Q3Map - v1.0r © 1999 Id Software Inc.
Q3Map (ydnar) - v2.5.13
GtkRadiant - v1.5.0 Mar 2 2004 11:44:13
The world of tomorrow
Erreur de segmentation

If you want to run the compiling from console, you create the minimap with:

/home/itsme/xonotic/netradiant/install/q3map2.x86 -game xonotic -minimap /home/itsme/.xonotic/data/maps/

If you want to learn more about those arguments check netradiant - commandline parameters
and have a watch at

Have fun Tongue

Ok, I solved my map compilation problem, it was my fault. couple weeks ago befor starting mapping I compiled netradian in the git directory but befor compiling I had add more files to be able to do extra functions with neradian. I messed up the stuff in the directories. This is why I had a no totaly fontional netradian. Today I started a new compile with a clean xonotic git netradian and minimap compile works. Thank you again for your help.

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