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[SOLVED] [SOLVED] down-shifted view

Whenever I play online (=multiplayer) the view is shifted down. Obviously this makes aiming very difficult. In the singleplayer campaign this problem doesn´t occur. Has anybody an idea how to solve this?

Your version is oudated!

I updated everything but still got the problem. Sad

I don't understand, can you make a screenshot (F12), upload it somewhere and add the url here.

Look for the screenshot in .xonotic/data/screenshots or "my documents / my games / xonotic / data / screenshots / "

It happens for people who use 0.1. I think its like you crouch all the time.

Yes, you´re crouching but shot like you would stand.

I solved it. It was just too easy: I played the older version because I didn´t know that the newer one is in another directory. Sorry for the trouble!

The compatibility issue has been fixed. Current servers will no longer exhibit this problem when 0.1.0preview connects to them.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Great! Although the autobuild version is more fun to play.

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